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What is the Digital Easter Experience?

The Digital Easter Experience is a web based learning resource helping pupils explore the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. Through a modern- day retelling of the Easter story, pupils take on the role of crime scene investigators to work out who is responsible for Jesus’ death.

It includes:

Who is it for?

Where can it be used?

Due to the resource being web based it can be used in different locations:

How long does it take?

It takes between 30 - 45 minutes to complete, depending on how long the pupils take to complete the review sections.

About the church-based Easter Experience

The Digital Easter Experience is based on a live version of the Easter Experience that crossteach run in churches. For the church based experience the four crime scenes are set up in a church and crossteach workers and volunteers act out parts of the key characters. Schools are invited to visit the church to take part in the experience, and it takes approximately one hour for a class to complete.

In 2019, across Nottingham, Warwickshire, London and Tunbridge Wells, crossteach worked with 38 schools, and ran 69 Easter Experience sessions reaching approximately 2000 school pupils.

Run a live Easter Experience at your church

Our Easter and Christmas Experiences are a fantastic way to invite local school pupils to your Church. Each Experience lasts for an hour for a class of up to 30 pupils. The Experiences are suitable for pupils from Year 5 to Year 8. If there is a crossteach team in your area then get in touch to find out how to set up an Experience in your church. For areas without a crossteach team, we also run training days for clergy and youth workers who are interested in using the Experience in their own church.

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About crossteach

crossteach (UK Charity 1088477) is an educational charity which has been teaching about the Christian faith in schools since 2001. We visit lots of different types of schools – primary and secondary, community and Church of England, private and state-funded, academy and maintained, and currently have teams in Tunbridge Wells, Warwickshire, London and Nottingham. 


Cross Teach Trust is a charity funded by donations. We are providing this resource free of charge, however there are costs involved in producing and operating it, so if you have used this crossteach resource, please consider making a donation towards these costs here.

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